About WDN

For Studnets. By Students.

WDN has been around since the beginning of Sierra High. It's had many different iterations over the years, and has gone by a few names, but the goal is the same: keep students in the know about events around campus, in the Sierra community, and Manteca at large!

Meet Our Staff

Jessenia Beltran

News Director

Jessenia, better known as Jesse around the newsroom, is a Senior and has been on the WDN staff for two years now.  She is currently in charge of all content decisions, scheduling, announcement production, and overall management of the staff.

Not only Jesse a boss in the newsroom but has been dubbed "Queen of the Diamond" by Sierra's Paw Prints newsletter for her fierce presence on the softball field. Jesse hopes to attend University of the Arts in San Francisco next year and major in Communications and continue her stellar Softball career.