Apr 2022

Big gains for Sneakerhead with small feet


Communication By Design

Feet come in all different shapes and sizes, and for a Sneakerhead like Sierra High junior Xavier Palacios, that can be an advantage.

Palacios is size 8.5, which is below average but by no means a bad thing. Palacios’ tiny feet give him a unique price break, but like his foot size, the price break is small.

“I would say regardless of the size and price, you still have to pay the price regardless,” he said. “Your spending money for shoes.”

Palacios’ love affair with sneakers is boosted by his passion for sports. Palacios is a two-sport athlete at Sierra High. He is an outfielder with the varsity baseball team and a running back on the football field in the fall. Fashion and sports cultures often intertwine, creating offshoots like Sneakerheads and other fashion-forward athletes.

“Shoes and being an athlete go hand in hand together. They help your on-the-field drip and off-the-field drip, but at times shoes can get uncomfortable. Sometimes watch what you wear to keep your shoes comfortable.”

Palacios’ relationships with his siblings have been strengthened by their collective passion for sneakers.

“Me and my brothers are always texting about what’s coming out and what shoes I want to get next, and where we’re going to go for a sneaker event,” he said.

Being a “Sneakerhead” can be a risky hobby, though. Sometimes, you get a shoe you will have for life and other times, you may end up with a pair you regret buying. Palacios has lived both experiences.

“My favorite sneaker that I bought was the Space Jams; it was one of my favorite movies,” he said. “I wish I hadn’t bought my Yeezy 350s; they’re ugly but comfy.”

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Through Our Lens: Sierra junior Xavier Palacios is pictured with his favorite pairs of high-end sneakers, including the Thunder 4s, Jordan 1 Lows, Space Jam 11s, and Yeezy 500s, Jordan 11 Concords, and Jordan 1 Patent Bred. Palacios' collection has grown, in part, because he has small feet and the shoes aren't nearly as expensive. (PARAMVIR SINGH/Communication By Design)