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Apr 2022

New face teaches students to manage life: 'If you have a rough day ... it'll get better'


Communication By Design

Amanda Smith is a new face on campus.

Smith teaches Life Management, Culinary Arts, and Food Science at Sierra High School. Smith said she always wanted to become a teacher, but she never knew she wanted to teach high school. She had been a substitute for three years before she came on campus as an official teacher in August.

Smith attended Sierra when she was a teenager and declares that being on this campus is like being at home.

“It definitely is home to me,” Smith said. “I went here, (so) it was always my goal to come back and work. When the position opened, I was really excited to come back.”

Being a teacher at a high school allows her to connect with her students and show them that high school isn’t what others make it as. Smith wants to help her students prepare for the next steps in their lives and helps students in anyway she can.

Teachers learn something new every day, anything from challenging students to things around campus.

As a teacher the best advice she ever received was “Take every day as it is, next day is going to be better, so if you have a rough day don’t question it. Just keep going. It’ll get better.”

“I always share this quote with my students because high isn’t always easy. My students always make my day especially when they finally get something that I have been teaching them. They get to use that lesson in their everyday lives.”

FCCLA is important because you can learn leadership skills, practical skills, and it is a great way to compete in a something other than sports. To join email FCCLA teachers. Amy Lee, Valerie Flores and Smith.

About the Author

About the Author

Madison Saenz is a junior at Sierra High School, studying Communication By Design. Saenz wants to become a veterinarian because she loves animals. In the meantime, she enjoys makeup, shopping and spending time with friends.