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Apr 2022

Valley Community Counselor’s pledge: Students don’t have to face problems alone


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Valley Community Counselor Chad Agostini has been working at Sierra High for two years now. He talks to around six to eight students a day, about 30-40 in a week. Agostini is a safe person that students can confide in. Every child or student you walk by has a story that needs to be heard, and for Sierra students, he is a shoulder to lean on. Agostini’s work is driven by one quote: “I cannot fix your problems, but I promise you will not have to face them alone.”

Paw Prints: About how many students do you see in a day? In a week?

Chad Agostini: I see around six to eight students a day, about thirty to forty in a week

PP: Do you think the majority of teenager’s mental health issues stem from school or some aspect of school?

CA: It is a tough topic because school is a big part of mental health, but stress can also stem from outside influences as well. While school is a big part of mental health and well-being, it can be hard to directly pinpoint stress.

PP: When students talk to you about school, what is their biggest worry or dilemma?

CA: It depends on the student but grades, sports, relationships, friends, family can be an aspect that affects school. You are at school for 40 hours a week, and if you cannot find personal fulfilment with school it can make things exceedingly difficult. This is because you are in the process of learning, whether that be about yourself, socially and academically, and it can be overwhelming. Students have a lot going on and students are learning how to manage it all.

PP: What is one mental health exercise that can help someone calm down or feel better?

CA: Practice self-care, eat healthy foods, and stay off social media.

Through Our Lens: For the last two years, Valley Community Counselor Chad Agostini has been a shoulder to lean on at Sierra High School. Agostini says he sees six to eight students a day, each with a socio-emotional concern that he helps them work through. (BELLA PADDACK/Communication By Design)

About the Author

About the Author

Bella Paddack is a junior at Sierra High School, studying Communication By Design. Paddack is two-time All American cheerleader and current varsity cheerleader at Sierra. Paddack is alsothe current queen of the Manteca-Ripon Pentecost Society Hall located in Manteca. When she isn’t busy holding poms or wearing a crown, she enjoys playing her guitar and piano.